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Bilal Çomak’ın Gizli Hayatı “mutlu son”








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MERASIM / Bant Mag. 100th issue



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absurdity of life


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Vzlet Magazine, “Zone of 9th Art” Interview

Vzlet: it is a monthly youth magazine of Slovaks living in Serbia. In every issue, the section “Zone of 9th Art” is presenting comics authors from Serbia and abroad. http://www.vzlet.rs/

vzlet 07_09

Here’s the interview by Stevan LENHART in Eng.

zone of 9th art Interview: Özgür Erman, illustrator and comics author from Turkey

Cute and Bizarre Things

A Turkish illustrator Özgür Erman (1983) from Istanbul was in Serbia this summer, he took part in comics workshop Deliblaticum in Deliblato Sands and presented his work in the gallery Elektrika in Pančevo. He said about himself:

I was born in the city of Eskişehir. My journey in drawing began by watching cartoons and reading Belgian series Tintin. When I was about 11 I saw some show where they were talking about making cartoons, and at that time I decided to be an animator. Later I went to high school of fine arts, then I have entered faculty of animation. My influences are mostly Turkish comics, American underground comics and old American cartoons. So I mix bizarre things and cute things in my works. I am also doing illustrations and paintings.

Where do you publish your works?

Some Turkish weekly humor magazines published my works from time to time, for example Uykusuz. But I didn’t feel that I fit in there, because those are mainly mainstream magazines. And so I’ve also started publishing on internet and some alternative music magazines.

What about motives in your works – some of your works are very artistic, while the others are quite simple drawings with bizarre elements and sexual topics… Where do you find an inspiration?

It can be anything. I draw in sketchbooks all the time, especially while travelling to work by subway. It can be some person that I’ve noticed, some TV show that I watched or some event. But mostly personal things and moods have effect on me, so I am trying to express my feelings this way. It eases my anger, sadness… That’s why I draw.

How do you feel about being in Serbia?

The first time I was in 2008 in Belgrade. Most of the things are very familiar to me – language and behavior of Serbian and Turkish people are very close. I like the fact, that the artists here are continuing the ’90s underground thing. I think the people over here are more relaxed, while in Turkey now everyone wants to step ahead from the others, so there is a lot of competition.

Some message to young people who would like to become artists?

Just keep what you do and keep your free soul.

 vzlet 07_09b

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biraz da eğilip önünüzü traşlayınız lütfen


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September 3, 2014 · 11:48 am

TED ideas worth spreading

ted-01 ted-02 ted-03 ted-04 ted-05

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